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Columbia Gorge Organics

Columbia Gorge Organics line of Juices are now available through Comfy House Foods:

Originally from San Jose, California, Cheryl Stewart and husband Ron seemed unlikely candidates for organic farming given their ownership of several dry cleaning stores. However, according to Stewart, they always wanted to buy a farm, particularly a fruit orchard. So in 1975, the couple purchased a motor home, packed up their three young sons and began touring farming states throughout the West, including Washington, Idaho and Oregon. “We always wanted to get out into the country and raise some great tasting fruit,” says Stewart. “We’re a very adventurous family, so we moved on and never looked back.”

Today COGO Organics is run by brothers Ronny and Jimmy Stewart. What sets them apart from the Naked's and the Odwalla's of the world? in their own words:

The Stewart Brothers promise you CoGo juice has nothing to hide: no concentrates, no added flavors, and always 100% organic. Ronny and Jimmy Stewart are committed to revealing the truth behind the label. They’ve always believed it’s best to know exactly who and where in the world your juice comes from… and what’s inside the bottle.

Happy to have you COGO!

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